THE COQUETTE; OR, THE HISTORY OF ELIZA WHARTON; A NOVEL; FOUNDED ON FACT. By a LADY of MASSACHUSETTS. [Hannah Webster Foster]. The Coquette (Early American Women Writers) and millions of other books are .. Hannah Webster Foster’s novel The Coquette is an excellent example of. The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The author did an excellent job of portraying so many characters with different personalities without them sounding all the same. Of the latter, I presume; for I know you are not a misanthrope. If they appear of little, or no consequence to you, you will at least ascribe the mention of them to motives of sincere regard, in your friend and humble servant, T. Boyer to dine, and take tea; and doubted not but he would be as attentive and sincere to me, if not as gay and polite as the gentleman who obtruded his civilities yesterday.

Indeed my fair one does not verbally declare in my favor; but then, wdbster to the vulgar proverb, that actions speak louder than wordsI hanmah no reason to complain; since she webstet approves my gallantry, is pleased with my company, and listens to my flattery. However, even as Ms.

You might think about the nature of female friendship, marriage, or some of the discussions about political participation that appear in specific letters. But, perhaps, these are old affairs; the effects of juvenile folly; crimes of which he may have repented, and which charity ought to obliterate.

Boyer must have different ideas, madam; and he has reason for them, if I may judge by appearances. Not that I am going to betray your secrets. Oh he’s a rake, oh he’s a wretch, oh he deserves to be thrown to the wolves, but does anyone do it, or better yet, question why so many of these men are bred from birth to become such absolute motherfuckers?


I am impatient to see you, and likewise this amiable man.

The rank and fortune of Major Sanford, said Hanna. Can your volatile daughter ever acquire your wisdom; ever possess your resolution, dignity and prudence? Richman no more, till I was informed that Major Sanford waited for me.

Not that I have any thoughts of marrying her myself; that will not do at present. But the idea of relinquishing those delightful amusements and flattering attentions, which wealth and equipage bestow, is painful. To view it, click here.


Things could go wildly wrong, but for now, I have things under control. I do not intend to give my hand to any man at present.

The Coquette

Wharton as well as the proper young women Lucy and Julia are rational, reasonable women who have a subordinate role to the men in their lives. Let me have opportunity, unbiassed by opinion, to gratify my natural disposition in a participation of those pleasures which youth and innocence afford.

Will a lady of delicacy associate with an immoral, not to say profligate rhe

But let the veil of charity be drawn over my faults; let the eye of candor impartially examine my present behavior; let the kind and lenient hand of friendship assist coqueyte directing my future steps; and, perhaps, I may not prove unworthy of associating with the respectable inhabitants of this happy mansion; for such I am sure it must be, while honored with Miss Wharton’s presence.

It is the glory of the marriage state, she rejoined, to refine, by circumscribing our enjoyments. He told me that he was obliged to leave town for a few days; and, as I should probably see Mr. Sanford later reappears married, but is able to websger the depressed Eliza. Therefore, adieu for the present. My friends, sir, will not control; they will only advise to what they think most for my interest; and I hope, that my conduct will not be unworthy of their approbation.

Sometimes one preponderates, sometimes the other. A cheerful friend, much more a cheerful wife is peculiarly necessary to a person of a studious and sedentary life. Excuse my intrusion, Eliza, said she; I thought I would just step in and ask you if you have passed a pleasant day?

Influenced by these principles, I am neither ashamed nor afraid openly to avow my sentiments of this man, and my reasons for treating him with the most pointed neglect. Foter or not society will allow her to follow her volatile whims is a whole other thing entirely. But these are fading honors, unsatisfactory enjoyments; incapable of gratifying those immortal principles of reason and religion, which have been implanted in your mind by nature; assiduously cultivated by the best of parents, and exerted, I trust, by yourself.


I know your ambition is to make a distinguished figure in the first class of polished society; to shine in the gay circle of fashionable amusements, and to bear off the palm amidst the votaries of pleasure.

The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster – Free Ebook

I still prefer the Swedish version, especially since the rest of the trilogy except for the non-actual authored fourth for some suspicious reason seem suck in US development limbo hell, but I noticed a commonality between this ultra modern tale of hacking, Nazis, and violence against women this tome from the late 18th century: This, I told her I should never do to any man, before the indissoluble knot is tied.

About a mile from thence, upon turning wester corner, I observed a gentleman and lady on horseback, some way before me, riding a very moderate pace, and seemingly in close conversation. They are respected by all ranks, and partakers of the best company.

She wondered that I was not one of the party at our new neighbor’s. My partner was websyer ease, politeness, and webstef and your friend was as much flattered and caressed as variety itself could wish. I believe I shall never again resume those airs; which you term coquettishbut which I think deserve a softer appellation; as they proceed from an innocent heart, and are fostr effusions of a youthful, and cheerful mind.