The term “blowback,” invented by the CIA, refers to the unintended results of American actions abroad. In this incisive and controversial book, Chalmers Johnson. Chalmers Johnson, was the president of the Japan Policy Research Institute, and the author of the bestselling books Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire, and. In this incisive and controversial book, Chalmers Johnson lays out in vivid detail the dangers faced by our overextended empire, which insists.

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Jan 07, Ben Burtzos rated it really liked it. An excessive reliance on a militarized foreign policy Taken together, the books paint a picture of a US in danger of losing its way, though by now it is more likely that it has already lost its way.

I remember that the genre has basically made an art form of stringing together vaguely misleading and highly curated details into Every year or so I tell myself that I need to be consuming policy books. However, if you’re only willing to read one book on blowback; read hlowback Hubris” instead.

It refers jjohnson retaliation for the numerous illegal operations we have carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the American public.

Fascinating read that examines the many pies that the U. The more I study history, the more I see the dangers of people going on “crusades” to “liberate” “oppressed” peoples.

There is a bit of discussion of Indonesia and even Guatemala and Brazil. From a case of rape by U. Aug 11, Dale rated it really liked it Shelves: This book shows how the military structure and the defense agenda have divorced themselves from This is the second book I’ve read from Chalmers Johnson, and it was definitely another success.


This book is remarkable. It was a good point but hammered so hard and repeatedly that I did not finish. Part of his concern is that Nixon abandoned the Bretton Woods Agreement and that this was one of the worst decisions of the century and something we will pay very dearly for. The As I recall, this is the first book I blowbqck after the September 11th attacks.

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

Sep 25, Andy rated it it was amazing Shelves: It puts quite a different spin on what I had taken for granted. In the first book in this trilogy, I tried to provide some of the historical background for understanding the dilemmas we as a nation confront today, although I focused more on Asia — the area of my academic training — than on the Middle East. Because of the focus on East Asia many other parts of the World are all but ignored as far as US imperialism goes.

I had no idea this was basically the last straw in Okinawa and that Okinawa has very many reasons to be utterly pissed off with the US bases it is forced to accommodate and to financially support.

Doing so is costly both in terms of money and it America’s image. Johnson also makes a compelling case for how the US sacrificed its manufacturing base to our clients in Japan, South Korea. It is hlowback that a terrible perversity and hypocrisy is so openly flaunted by its many cheering supporters as the bones and ashes of its victims rot beneath their ticker tape and dancing feet.

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Chalmers Johnson

American Book Award The parts of this book dealing with Okinawa are very disturbing. The idea of such has filled me with horror all of my life, and yet Johnson just about pushed me onto the fence on the subject. However, Nixon faced with a budget deficit due to the Vietnam war decoupled the US dollar from the gold standard and floated it.

So long as the USA continues to occupy foreign johnzon, conduct itself with impunity, support despots and wage endless war with intervention of all kinds, then this is a book that shall be relevant.

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire – Chalmers Johnson – Google Books

Johnson Chalmers Johnson vs. This book provides an insightful analysis of the flaws and ineptitude of American Foreign policy, principally with focus on the East Asian region.

Republished inwith a new prologue by Johnson, the book found broad acceptance in among US readers. The new prologue Johnson states, his “intention in writing it was to warn my fellow Americans about the nature and conduct of U. Apr 01, Marc rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is done so with the declaration that a greater good shall be achieved or that the alternative is far bliwback.